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The opportunities for hosting the G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir

The G-20 delegates were able to see what Jammu & Kashmir has been through due to the conflict that was ignited, coordinated, and sustained by someone else. It is one thing to blame someone else for the dirty intrigues (cross-border terror), but it is another to present documentary evidence that this complicity is there.

The World Bank’s finding that conflict is “development in reverse” makes it clear why development can be a powerful antidote for conflict. The G20 provides a great opportunity to show the world the ways in which development and welfare initiatives can be used to overcome the hardships caused by the prolonged conflict that has ravaged the region.

These suggestions may seem simple, but they are not. In international politics, we tend to focus on big goals, and lose sight of more basic options that have far greater potential.

These unpretentious thoughts are a modest effort to encourage some of the most fertile minds in the country to think that G20 events and activities as well as the profiles and influence of the participating delegate could and should be utilized to create and harness the potential for “witnesses, referees and peacekeepers”, with respect to certain aspects Jammu & Kashmir, without compromising our sovereignty in this region.


The government of Jammu and Kashmir, with a focus on minimizing environmental damage is at the forefront in developing environmentally-friendly tourism practices that are beneficial to both tourists and local communities.

Sustainable tourism is beneficial to all concerned parties. Sustainable tourism involves promoting activities related to tourism that are environmentally friendly, preserve cultural heritage and promote regional economic growth. Sustainable tourism can provide visitors with a unique and authentic travel experience. It also benefits local businesses and the environment.

Before concluding, let me say that the J&K Govt promotes sustainability of the environment.

To achieve sustainable tourism the government works closely with tourism businesses to develop best practices for the environment that will reduce the impact of tourism activities on the environment. Water and energy savings, as well as smart trash management are all part of this. The government also promotes eco-tourism programs that encourage tourists to adopt environmentally friendly practices, such as hiking on nature trails or supporting conservation efforts.


Local communities are also stakeholders in sustainable tourism. The government encourages residents to take part in tourism activities by giving them the opportunity to expand their tourism related businesses. The government can thus promote tourism’s benefits while simultaneously reducing poverty.

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