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Greeks head to polls, no outright winner seen

Despite the fact that opinion polls place the conservative New Democracy Party at the top, changes in the country’s electoral systems mean the party will fall short of a majority.

The polling stations open at 0700 local time (0400 GMT) and close at 1630 GMT. A little less than 10 million Greeks can vote. Six polling agencies will release an exit poll by 1900 GMT.

New Democracy, led by Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, polls between 31 and 38%, while Syriza, the opposition party, trails by 4 to 7 percentage points. The winning party must have at least 45 percent of votes.

The cost-of-living is at the forefront in the campaign. The parties are trying to attract voters by promising to increase the minimum wage and create jobs. Prices are spiraling out of control, and this has had a major impact on the Greeks’ living standards.


It will take days for political parties to reach a consensus on a cohabitation agreement in the government.

The daily Proto Thema wrote in an editorial that appeared on its front page: “Today’s results are either the preamble for a government with no direction or a referendum to ensure political stability.”

If there is no clear winner, Greek President Katerina Sakalaropoulou will give the three top parties a 3-day-mandate to form a body administrative.


Sakellaropoulou will, if they all fail, appoint a temporary government to lead the nation into new elections a month later.

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