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“The Iranian people are ready to overthrow the regime”, opposition leader tells MEPs

Maryam Rajavi has called on MEPs in the European Parliament to take a more aggressive stance against theocratic rule in Tehran. She claimed that the people in her country were united against religious fascism, and she criticized the European inaction when it came to the execution of protesters. Political Editor Nick Powell writes.

Maryam Rajavi visited the European Parliament again four years after her previous visit. During this time, the popular resistance against the rule of the Iranian mullahs has grown dramatically. She is the President-elect of Iran’s most important opposition group, the National Council of Resistance. She has been fighting for a long time, ever since she was a student and protested against the dictatorial regime of the previous Shah.

Maryam Rajavi was heard by dozens of MEPs representing different political parties. She stated that 112 prisoners were executed by the regime in May to create a terror atmosphere to prevent any further uprisings. People protested against the brutal murders, but Europe was unimpressed.

She said: “Unfortunately, the European Union and member states are not taking any action”. Isn’t the European Union well known for its opposition to executions? Why, then, do economic and political interests in Iran downplay the importance the human rights situation?


She added that she was here to represent the Iranian protesters, particularly women, who had risen against the religious dictatorship. Her message was that Iranians have taken to the streets to fight religious fascism. They reject tyranny under all forms and will continue their fight to achieve freedom and democratic values.

Stanislav Polcak, from the EPP party, said that the European Parliament should support the creation of a democratic republic in Iran. He described the National Council of Resistance (NCR) as the only opposition active to the regime. Ivan Stefanec of the EPP said that, under Maryam Rajavi’s leadership, Iranians are “closer to freedom than ever”. He called on those who thought that the EU could have a positive relationship with the regime, to take into account the history lesson: “When facing fascism appeasement doesn’t work”.

Ryszard zarnecki, from the ECR Group, condemned those who hoped that business would continue as usual between the Iranian regime and the US. He said the mullahs must pay a heavy price for providing drones to Russia in order for it to use them in the war in Ukraine. Jan Zahradil from the ECR warned that some EU politicians and US politicians were comfortable with the current status quo as they still believed they could make deals with the Iranian regime.


In Iran, the organised resistance is increasing. The National Council of Resistance, and its main constituent, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation(MEK), have tirelessly sought to bring about democratic change. The 10-point program calls for a republic that separates religion from state, complete individual and social liberties, gender equality and autonomy for ethnic minorities. It also calls for the elimination of death penalty, independent judiciary and a free market.

Maryam Rajavi has called on the European Union (EU) to add the Revolutionary Guard to its list of terrorist organizations, activate the so-called “snapback” mechanism in the 2016 Iran Nuclear Deal that would restore UN sanction against the regime and designate the Iranian regime as a severe threat to world peace and security, and recognise the Iranian youth’s legitimate fight against the Revolutionary Guard.

She said that the protests had rejected the current clerical dictature and the Shah dictature which preceded it. They were false alternatives. “The Iranians are ready to topple the regime.”

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