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Shame! The Supreme Judicial Council will cut off Geshev’s head while he is in Strasbourg for Barcelonagate

Two weeks after requesting the immunity of Boyko Borisov and while he is in the process of releasing the SJC, Ivan Geshev will visit Strasbourg and will be heard by the European Parliament’s legal committee, of which Elena Yoncheva, the whistleblower in Barcelona, is a member.

The Chief Prosecutor is expected to provide details about the money laundering scheme in which he claims the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria is involved.

Geshev has already requested Borisov’s immunity to accuse him of money laundering for the Barcelona house, but Borisov fearlessly stated that he would not give it and reached an agreement with Kiril Petkov, Asen Vasilev, and Hristo Ivanov to protect him with immunity in exchange for handing over all the power in the state.

The Barcelona House scandal returns to Europe and the European Parliament!


Two weeks after requesting Boyko Borisov’s immunity and while being in the process of releasing the SJC, Ivan Geshev will visit Strasbourg and be heard by the Legal Committee of the European Parliament, which includes Elena Yoncheva, the one who filed the signal regarding the house in Barcelona. The Chief Prosecutor is expected to provide details about the money laundering scheme in which he claims the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria is involved. The interest will be immense because Bulgaria is facing four sanctions from the European Commission in Brussels for money laundering.

The Barcelona House makes a thunderous return to Strasbourg!

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev will attend the extraordinary session of the European Parliament’s group for the observation of democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental rights, as announced by the European Parliament.

It will take place on June 13th in Strasbourg, and the whole situation in Bulgaria will be discussed. The global topic is the problem of the rule of law in Bulgaria, and Barcelonagate will be included as an example of its systemic violation. The information about the session was first announced by Elena Yoncheva’s press office on Friday, as she is the only Bulgarian MEP in the group. Yoncheva also reported the signal about the Barcelona house to the European institutions.

According to the announcement, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor’s Office, and non-governmental organizations are invited to the hearing. The non-government organization “Boec” will undoubtedly be present because they filed the signal to Geshev.

Geshev confirmed to BNEWS that he has already accepted the invitation and will visit Strasbourg

Ivan Geshev confirmed to BNEWS that he accepted the invitation of the European Parliament and will participate in the hearing in the name of Bulgaria’s honour. The Chief Prosecutor will attend the session on June 13, as stated by the European Parliament. His participation in the closed-door meeting is expected with great interest in view of the new interrogations in the Barcelonagate case, as well as the requested immunity of GERB leader Boyko Borisov.

A lot of Western journalists will be waiting outside the meeting room. Geshev will then give a special briefing to all European media outlets interested in the topic of corruption in Bulgaria. Ivan Geshev is expected to inform the European Parliament and the European Commission about the attempts of politicians from the EPP (European People’s Party) to apply schemes for preserving immunity and protection from criminal prosecution for a certain famous Bulgarian and European politician.

More accusations against Boyko Borisov in the coming days!

By then, Geshev will probably press at least one more charge against Boyko Borisov and another prominent minister of his related to corruption and money laundering. There will be more detainees in the coming days, and after Qatargate, this case will also have a thunderous impact in Brussels because Middle East destinations are involved.

MEPs expect to be briefed on changes to the Judiciary Act, the sudden developments in cases that the European Parliament has monitored for years, such as the Barcelonagate, as well as questions arising from the recording of the meeting of “We Continuing the Change”.

As a result of the beginning of Geshev’s activity, the willing personnel in the SJC to take his head were increasingly decreasing. The public opinion is that Geshev should keep his post and conduct the arrests and investigations to the end!


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