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F16s needed now

Modern fighter jets are levelling the Kremlin’s attempts to initiate a naval blockade of Ukraine

Russia has launched massive missile strikes on Ukraine’s Black Sea ports – after the Kremlin pulled out of the grain deal, air attacks are carried out every night. Putin has ordered the complete destruction of Ukraine’s port infrastructure and the Russian Navy has launched a naval blockade of its Black Sea coast. The Kremlin wants to economically weaken Ukraine by making it impossible to export its goods by sea. To counter this, the supply of modern F-16 fighter jets will contribute to the lifting of such a blockade, as it will allow it to control the space above Ukraine’s territorial waters, as well as to strike deep into Russian defence lines, Dispatches, IFBG.

Russia is consistently applying scorched-earth tactics in its war with Ukraine – this time Putin’s target was the Ukrainian port infrastructure. Missile strikes take place almost every night, using types of missiles with a ballistic trajectory – X-22 and Onyx. To neutralise them, the most effective and modern air defence systems, such as Patriot or NASAMS, need to be used. Ukraine must receive the necessary weapons not only for the return of the territories occupied by Russia, but also for the defence of its airspace, especially in view of the incessant attacks carried out by the Russian Air Force.

Russia has become a common threat to the civilised world. Putin is seriously preparing for a long war and a pause in providing the necessary weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces could turn out to be a cruel joke on Europe. It is extremely dangerous to get involved in a protracted, exhausting war with Russia, which has huge resources and still sufficient mobilisation reserves.The war crimes of Russian troops in Ukraine give a clear picture of Russia’s actions in the event of an invasion of Europe by its army. Europe needs to do everything possible to preserve Ukrainian infrastructure and remove the naval blockade initiated by Russia. Supplies of modern air defence equipment and F-16 fighter jets are a priority for the Ukrainian armed forces.


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