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30 June 2023: 4.07 million with temporary protection

On 30 June 2023, almost 4.07 million non-EU citizens, who fled Ukraine as a consequence of the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022, had temporary protection status in EU countries. 

The main EU countries hosting beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine were Germany (1 133 420 people; 28% of the total), Poland (977 740; 24%) and Czechia (349 140; 9%). 

Compared with the end of May 2023, the number of beneficiaries of temporary protection from Ukraine increased in the EU by 45 800 (+1.1%). The largest increases were observed in Germany (+21 830; +2.0%), Czechia (+9 050; +2.7%) and Ireland (+3 100; +3.7%). 

On the other hand, only two countries saw a decrease in the number of people under temporary protection: Poland (-13 635; -1.4%) and Italy (-1 005; -0.6%). 


Data presented in this article refer to the grants of temporary protection based on the Council Implementing Decision 2022/382 of 4 March 2022, establishing the existence of a mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine due to Russia’s military invasion, and having the effect of introducing temporary protection.

Source datasets: migr_asytpsm and demo_gind

Compared with the population of each EU member, the highest numbers of total temporary protection beneficiaries per thousand people in June 2023 were observed in Czechia (32.2), Poland (26.6), Estonia (25.8), Bulgaria (24.9) and Lithuania (24.7), whereas the corresponding figure at the EU level was equal to 9.1 per thousand people.


On 30 June 2023, Ukrainian citizens represented over 98% of the beneficiaries of temporary protection. Adult women made up almost half (46.6%) of temporary protection beneficiaries in the EU. Children accounted for slightly more than one third (34.4%), while adult men comprised less than a fifth (19.0%) of the total.

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Methodological notes

  • France: In most cases, minors can stay in France without a permit. Therefore, minors fleeing the war in Ukraine and seeking protection in France are generally not included in statistics on temporary protection.
  • Ireland, Hungary: data on temporary protection broken down by age group are not available. 
  • Structures of beneficiaries by age and by sex have been calculated based on available data while disregarding the unknown category.
  • Temporary protection is a procedure provided only in the event of a mass influx or imminent mass influx of displaced persons from third countries who are unable to return to their country of origin. These people are granted immediate and temporary protection, particularly if there is also a risk that the asylum system will be unable to process the influx without adverse effects for its efficient operation, in the interests of the persons concerned and other persons requesting protection.
  • Data presented in this article refer to the granting of temporary protection and not to the registrations for temporary protection, which may precede the process of granting the status. Therefore, the data may not present all persons fleeing Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and who have registered but not yet formally received temporary protection.

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