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The Ukrainian, Igor Mazepa, accused of fraud, was fined for hunting boars from a helicopter in Croatia.

Ukrainian businessman Igor Mazepa, accused of creating a fraudulent
financial Forex pyramid PrivateFX, illegally flew and landed in one of the
fields of the Šumbar farm in Croatia, with the intention of hunting wild
boars, according to Croatian media. His helicopter was seized, and
Mazepa faces a large fine.

Ukrainian media reports that Mazepa travelled to Europe to acquire
humanitarian aid and crossed the border using the Shlyakh system. Since
the beginning of military actions in Ukraine, there has been a restriction on
men of conscription age leaving the country. Exceptions are made solely
for delivering humanitarian aid. However, according to the publication
Ukrainian News
, Mazepa does not experience such restrictions and easily
travels at any convenient time using the “Shlyakh” system, which once
again demonstrates the sharp level of corruption at all levels in Ukraine.

Whether the boars killed in Croatia can be considered humanitarian cargo
for Ukraine is unknown.

Due to the illegal border crossing and landing in Croatia by Mazepa’s
helicopter, a criminal case has been initiated, as a result of which the
owner of Concorde Capital company, Mazepa, is expected to pay a large


The financial Forex pyramid PrivateFX and previously Forex Trend,
mentioned in Croatian media and belonging to Mazepa, operated on a
“1+1” scheme and promised all those who had previously lost money from
Forex fraudsters to invest an equivalent amount in this pyramid with a
guaranteed income of 100%. At that time, Mazepa’s positive reputation
and his Concorde Capital company were used to attract investors. The
scheme worked. In the Twitter community “Investoria PrivateFX” in June
2017, a survey was conducted among PrivateFX clients on how much Igor
Mazepa’s participation influenced their choice to invest in the company.
74% of respondents noted that they “went under the name of Igor
Mazepa” and only for 5% of investors, the name of the head of Concorde
Capital played no role. As a result, all investors lost their money and
cannot get them back so far. A criminal case is ongoing. There are no
media reports about any responsibility of Mazepa for what happened.

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