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Borisov nominates his MP Desislava Atanasova as a member of the Constitutional Court, Peevski supports her!

BNEWS reports. “Our nomination for the Constitutional Court is Desislava Atanasova,” GERB leader Boyko Borisov announced to journalists in the National Assembly, BTA reports. Borisov always nominates his loyal deputies as constitutional judges, because he views this key government body not as a court and the last instance in the country, but as a political body that should protect and defend his interests and sometimes those of his party.

“You all know her from the last nine parliaments, in all legal committees, with exceptional legal experience, significant legislative work, dozens of laws,” he argued.

“I am absolutely convinced that she will do well,” Borisov stated.

The position of chairman of the parliamentary group of GERB-SDS will be taken by Borisov himself.


According to the leader of GERB, there is no need for new deputy prime ministers to be discussed.

“Under the agreement, we have very clear rules with our colleagues – the two main figures in the executive power are Denkov-Gabriel, and this remains the same during the rotation. I believe that we should not talk about new deputy prime ministers or any sudden movements, because everything is very fragile and changes should be made very carefully, only with consensus,” the GERB leader said.

“We didn’t have a leaders’ meeting today, we had a working meeting. Tomorrow, our colleagues Denkov and Mariya Gabriel will join. We must be ready before 6th March to have a final proposal for cabinet to present to President Radev,” he added.


The MRF would not participate with ministers and ideas for the Rotation!

MRF and Peevski supported both candidates for members of the CC – proposed by GERB and PP respectively. This shows that both nominations were coordinated with Peevski, as well as the changes of ministers during the rotation in the Coalition.

“Let there be no more comments in the media about whether the MRF will enter into power. This will not happen. We don’t want to participate at absolutely any level,” Delyan Peevski, chairman of the MRF parliamentary group, stated in the lobby of the parliament.

This position of the MRF is constant within the current National Assembly.

As early as 9th November 2023, the chairman of the parliamentary group of MRF, Delyan Peevski, explicitly told the media: “MRF does not want to participate with ministers or deputy ministers in the executive power.”

“I want to be clear – we do not want ministers or deputy ministers either now (i.e. when Nikolay Denkov is Prime Minister) or with the rotation (i.e. when Mariya Gabriel takes his place). We believe that the so-called “coalition” is stable and there will be no problems if ministers begin to implement priorities defined in the program, which was supported by us,” Peevski emphasized and he has not backed down from his words.

Today, Peevski stressed one more time that the Movement does not want ministers and deputy ministers. He assured that there is no quota in the allocation of positions of power.

He said the MRF will support both candidates, from GERB and from DB, for the Constitutional Court, after GERB confirmed that Desislava Atanasova is their candidate.

“I have long said that this government has every chance. Let the rotation pass, everything is stable for the moment,” he assessed the administration.

And he refused to comment on whether there will be changes in the cabinet: “There are talks between GERB and PP-DB, let them come to terms. Will there be other ministers – ask them, we will not participate there.”

Regarding the letter that Ahmed Dogan sent over the holidays expressing concern for the party, Peevski commented that it is “very clear”. “This is directed at all our structures. There will be a new beginning for the MRF, we are returning to the people, because in some places the connection has been lost. We are starting meetings locally to go back to where the MRF began,” Peevski said.

He clarified that he did not seek the resignation of Defense Minister Todor Tagarev. The minister had called him the very next day, and Peevski explained his objections.

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