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Enough of Fables and Promises

President Nikos Chrystodoulides has so far failed his election promise that he would handpick only the “finest out of the finest” officials to serve his inner government cabinet. – writes Andreas C Chrysafis. He has also convinced citizens that he has the right know-how and a plan on how to resolve the Cyprus issue!

All of those grand aspirations and plans have fizzled out! Ten months on and he fired half of his cabinet under his government and Cyprus today finds itself in a worse political situation than ever before! Meanwhile, Turkey’s invasion and occupation is put on the back burner.

Yet, Turkey continues to encroach the Buffer Zone systematically in front of the president’s eyes including the UN and EU and none do anything about it. At the same time, the Turkish army is constructing war ramps inside the Zone; started to build a naval military base; demands a two-state solution and the UN continues to be a failure while the EU remains a passive spectator by avoiding to support Cyprus!

As a fast-talking man without transparency and dismissive to criticism, the president’s judgment is now in question; does he actually have the wisdom and the right political advisors behind him to govern the country wisely in the interest of the country? Or is he accommodating the petty Cyprus Kommatokratia and foreign interests as always? That is the critical question!


Cypriots today demand answers with clarity and transparency as to where the country is heading to and not wishy-washy statements by publicly advising his new ministers “not to accept or listen to public criticism!”

Constructive and press criticism is the foundation of democracy and nobody can oppress such a freedom of speech that truly belongs to the people and not to a temporary government.

Firing half of his “handpicked” Ministerial Cabinet this week tells of a different story in the making: one that exposes serious errors in judgement by a president and his government for political confusion and uncertainty.


Andreas C Chrysafis

Author/Artist/ Writer

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